OEM Partners


Tiger have updated the Alcatel Omni AHL and OHL / OXO compliance testing in Paris, ensure that Tiger's solutions are accredited against Alcatel's latest product offerings.


Tiger have worked in partnership with Avaya for over a decade, and as prominent members of the DevConnect Program we have full integration with CM releases 6.3, 6.2, 4.0.1, 2.1 and with IP Office releases 9.0, 8.1, 6.1 and 4.2.

For a full specification of our products and collaboration with Avaya, please visit https://www.devconnectmarketplace.com/tiger-communications-plc

Cisco Systems

Tiger Communications achieved Avvid Partner status (Preferred Solution Partner) in August 2002. Due to our active participation in the Cisco product testing program, Tiger's products continue to operate across all Call Manager platforms.

Our latest accreditation is Cisco 10.x. See here for more details.


Tiger successfully passed Lync qualification for testing and billing in late 2011. The testing encompassed all facets of the installation and operation, hardware performance monitoring, software performance monitoring and feature confirmation.

Tiger regularly participates in the Lync Developer conferences to gather ideas for future releases of our software and to demonstrate how we are incorporating the latest Lync functionality into our solution.

Our latest accreditation is Microsoft Lync Server 2013.


Tiger are a member of the Mitel Solutions Alliance and support all MiVoice platforms, IP3300 and SX ranges


Tiger has successfully partnered with NEC for a number of years now supporting a large number of its product portfolio.

Unify (formerly Siemens)

Since 1998, Tiger Communications have been suppliers to Unify (formerly Siemens Communications) for Voice Network Management and Security systems. With full access to the Unify test facilities at Beeston Tiger are assured full compatability with all OSV (Openscape Voice), DX, Realitis and Hipath variants.